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What is the BAIS Card?

The BAIS card provides access to exclusive benefits that exchange students can enjoy during their stay in the country; from free museums and nightclubs, travel discounts, theaters, restaurants to sport events and health centers.

In order to retain and create a link to remain with those who are part of the BAIS community, we include it on the first trip that students make with us or also you can buy in the Casa BAIS at a cost of $ 200 pesos.

We continuously keep adding benefits to enjoy the most of this experience.

you can have yours
Request it by emailing to
or in our office
Ayacucho 1571 - PB
Recoleta, Capital Federal
Buenos Aires, Argentina

adhere benefit

If you have a company or business and want to provide a benefit to the BAIS Card, please complete the form here and we will contact you.

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BAIS Argentina
AR$200 discount on all national destinations. AR$200 discount on all international.
BAIS Argentina
Happy hour all night, 10% discount in all products, beer 3x2.
20% off the menu
Discos & Pubs
Discount of 40% when obtaining the ISIC card for international students.
ISIC Student Card
La Bomba de Tiempo
15% discount when you present your ID. Exclusively for exchange students.
La Bomba de Tiempo
La Choppería
10% of the menu
Discos & Pubs
The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl
40% off
Discos & Pubs
10% discount on Spanish lessons