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2030 World Cup: Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay are bidding to host it.

It would be the first time in history several countries bid for the World Cup together. 

This year, the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, approved the proposal for several venues to host a World Cup. The reason is solely economical. Today, there are so many costly requirements that few countries can fulfil them. 

The reaction was immediate: The presidents M. Macro, T. Vázquez and H. Cartes confirmed at a press conference in the Casa Rosada, on October 4, 2017, the intention to present their countries as a shared seat. 

Several question marks have already arisen. What will be the budget of each country and where will the stadiums be? Argentina would seem to have a higher budget because it will have more stadiums than Uruguay and Paraguay: 8 and 2 each respectively. 

We will wait until the year of the formal presentation in 2022, to observe the progress of the proposition.